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Added 05.26.09

Age: 26/22
Height: 6'4"/5'11"
Weight: 220/150
Orientation: STRAIGHT/GAY


A towering Scandinavian Danny makes our Seth seem so small, sitting next to each other on my couch. They quickly get along and talk about the difference in cultures. The huge viking says he was drawn to California for the sunshine, while Seth seems drawn to Danny for the promise of a huge cock for his ass. They soon get to business making out and feeling each other out. Big Danny can't wait to get his pants around his ankles and Seth's mouth around his giant cock. Danny fingers Seth's tight hole and they fuck every which way but upsidedown. You will just have to watch to see who shoots first, furthest, and some of the longest ropes that have ever graced my oh so lucky couch... and floor for that matter!


Added 05.20.09

Age: 28
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175
Orientation: STRAIGHT


Owen the tattooed hooligan couldn't stop smiling the moment he hit the bed. This was obviously a dream come true to a guy who watches porn constantly and cums six to seven times a day...a day! He is into ass worship and can't wait to get his eager tongue into some lucky girl's tight pucker. He is very open minded and even got a blowjob in a festival booth from some guy. His strong inked arms stroked back and forth until his face turned a light shade of pink and his cock exploded all over his trimmed triangle of pubes. Still all smiles but now out of breath, Owen was the happiest hooligan on the block.


Added 09.05.13

Age: 22/25
Height: 5'11"/5'10"
Weight: 150/145
Orientation: STRAIGHT/GAY


A very nervous Kieran was fidgeting from the moment he came back to my studio for the second time. He performed wonderfully the first time he was in and now he was back for his first blowjob from another guy EVER! He said he was in it for the money and wasn't ready for anal quite yet... but a blowjob is a blowjob. He had 'accidently' gotten sucked off before by another guy but that was an undergrad mishap. He and Tanner talked for a bit to feel each other out. As Kieran spoke about his major in geography, Tanner was already checking out the lay of Kieran's land. Within minutes, Tanner reaches over and grabs Kieran's cock (that was as stiff as the rest of him). Tanner's skilled fingers worker their way into our graduate's pants and unleashed one of the biggest dicks I've seen on a scientist in a while! As mouth meets cock, Kieran's eyes widen then progressively roll back into his head as he gets the sucking of his life. The closer he gets to climax the faster his hips pump, shoving his cock further into Tanner's experienced throat, taking it all in. Finally Kieran explodes spreading his swinging ropes all over Tanners cheek and my carpet!


Added 05.06.09

Age: 26
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140
Orientation: Bisexual


Emmet is fresh in from Las Vegas and boy, is California lucky to have him. His voice is as soft and smooth as the rest of his tanned body. Being introduced to bisexuality by his ex-girlfriend opened up his mind to new experiences (including a threesome with two other guys)! Emmet loves anal sex so much he had a hard-on as soon as his pants slid off. This monster cock was so big, the tip reached up past his rippled abs almost to his pecs. There is no better sight than a bright white load that has been saved up for a couple of days exploding onto such a tight tan stomach.


Added 04.29.09

Age: 28/22
Height: 5'6"/5'11"
Weight: 145/155
Orientation: STRAIGHT/BI


I wanted to see what would happen when curious Fabian met up with handsome Lance Howard with the camera on and without me in the room. The two got to talking and it turns out that gorgeous Fabian is not only here for the money, but for the experience too. Lance boasted about his incredible cock sucking abilities and our latino stud can't wait to find out. When I officially started the interview Fabian was obviously very happy with my matchmaking abilities and was relieved to find Lance as his partner. And what a match it was! These hot young studs went at it every which way including Lance riding Fabian's cock so hard, he had to be pushed off before that beautiful big white load was almost lost in his ass. With all the self restraint he had, Fabian held back until Lance could catch a mouthful and slurp up the rest that landed on Fabian's rock hard abs.


Added 04.22.09

Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150
Orientation: STRAIGHT


Kieran is in college, and like most people he has done a little experimenting outside of the laboratory. His nervousness lightened up as we talked, especially when he started telling me his first time playing truth or dare. Lucky for him the dare was getting a blow job from another straight guy. Kieran has not pursued another gay sexual experience yet, but his baby-face sure is willing to do it for me on camera! While he stroked his cock and thought about his study-buddy sessions that turned dirty, his cheeks turned as pink as the head of his dick. His hips started to bump and sway while his breath became short gasps. Throaty moans came forth as he erupted and gushed all over the tip of his cock then distributed his jizz down the shaft with his own hand.


Added 04.15.09

Age: 27/29
Height: 5'11"/6'0"
Weight: 190/180


Beau is back with some suprises of his own. He was paired up with a very nervous latin lover named Armand who also is doing something new and exciting! It was his first time ever with another guy and I knew with his sweet demeanor and all-American looks that Beau would be the one to coax Armand out of his oh-so straight shell. Their playful sides came out when I suggested that they have a muscle contest. It quickly went from flexing at each other to some not-so innocent touching and stroking of another kind. My famous measuring tape got more action today than it has seen in a long while. The shyness had definitely left the building when Beau got so hot by being face-fucked he came all over his tan, toned, and beautiful stomach. Later, Armand gave Beau a nice load all over his face. Armand's thick uncut cock seemed to have a never-ending supply of white ropes to coat Beau's chin.


Added 04.08.09

Age: 19
Height: 5'11
Weight: 170
Orientation: Straight


Angus was all smiles when he entered my studio and very confident for only being nineteen. He's not old enough to get into a bar but says he gets plenty of action from school and snowboarding. He is definitely not a shy guy and by flashing those pearly whites with a sexy smile, I'm sure that is how he gets the girls into threesomes with his roomies! His stamina was incredible! He beat his meat until I had to change videos for him to watch until he moaned and groaned himself into completion. He left a nice pearly pool on his fuzzy little belly.


Added 04.01.09

Age: 22/22


Both Seth and Lance have been working out hard. And it shows, with all that muscle on top of sexy slim twink bodies. Seth's pecs look great with his hairy chest and treasure trail. These two muscle twinks have been doing adult films for awhile. But never together! Seth loves a big sausage more than anybody. And Lance's is a solid 8 uncut! Seth swallows it all and slurps his tongue around the foreskin.

Lance gets on top first and fucks Seth hard until he moans with pleasure. Then, Seth flips Lance and deep dicks him with his massive 8.5 inches. The chemistry between these two is unreal. They finish with 2 enormous loads of jiz. Seth is so turned on by cumming in Lance's mouth, one squirt misses and shoots clear over his shoulder!