Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights 307. Waste Transfer Station Email: info@standingrock.org, https://standingrock.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/2023-PUB, https://www.standingrock.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/230228-Inclement-Weather-3.1.23.png, https://www.standingrock.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/standingrocksiouxtribe-Crest-Logo-WHT.png, SRST Closure-Inclement Weather March 1, 2023, https://www.standingrock.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/inclement-weather-2_28_23.png, SRST Closed due to Inclement Weather February 28, 2023, https://www.standingrock.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Public-Notice.png, https://www.standingrock.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/SR2301-DAP-WWSL.jpg, Dakota Water Wars, Chapter Twelve: 1868 Treaty the Supreme Law of the Land, https://www.standingrock.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/PSA-SRST-January-2023-for-December-2022-Storm.png, https://www.standingrock.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Propane-Delivery-Patience-12.28.22.png, Propane Vendors-Patience Requested for Deliveries, https://www.standingrock.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Driving-with-Due-Caution-Memo-12.27.22.png, Driving with Due Caution Reminder & Penalties, https://www.standingrock.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/SRST-LOGO.png, https://www.standingrock.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/standingrocksiouxtribe-Crest.png, Copyright - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe -. 16-508.2 Tax Imposed on Use, Storage, and Consumption of Farm Machinery, Purchased or LeasedRate .4 Drug-Free Workplace 4-1405. Standing Rock Housing Authority Board Definitions Great Finds: Tribal Culture. Required Tribal Business Tax License 16-501.82. Presentation of Alleged Charges 2-210. 9-1304. 6-601. 5-704. Failure To Comply With Tribal Liquor Law 3-301. 4-603. Hearing: Determination by the Court 4-1635. 209. Notification before Disposition of Collateral 26-825. Kidnapping The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has called for a nationwide boycott of Holiday Inn and its parent company, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), after the hotel chain allegedly allowed law enforcement officers to use its facilities during the violent eviction of water protectors from the Oceti Sakowin camp last week. 4-1201. 16-606.27 Erroneously or Illegally Collected Taxes 401. Definitions Restraining Order Chapter 8. Key Employee 16-501.24. Penalties Technically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM) Licensing of Class II and Class III Gaming Operators Violation of Code - Forfeiture Termination of Services of Tribal Court Prosecutor Hearing 26-604. 4-1639. 16-605.32 Inventory GainsLosses Preliminary Injunctions 16-606.26 Transfer, Deposit, and Distribution of Funds Section 16-503 Cigarette Tax 19-603. 6-603. 302. Private Hunting Preserve License Required 11-214. 16-502.38 Exemption of Prescribed Medical Equipment or Prosthetic Devices Used by Humans Re-Openings Or Terminations Interference With Officially Authorized Persons Or Traffic Control Devices 1-308. 4-803. Definitions These tags will be availabe online starting 06/06/2022. 605. 17-202. Inspections Homicide By Vehicle 16-217. 1-505. 38-502. 506. 21-701. 8-109. Judges and Justices 26-1412. 9-2102. Chapter 21. Driving A Motor Vehicle While Under The Influence Of Intoxicating Liquor Or Drugs Application of Personnel Policies and Procedures 16-605.15 Qualification for Exporter License Chapter 11. Registration of Restricted Use Pesticides Tribal Education Standards 7-205. 7-307. 11-301. 16-411. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. 4-703. 4-1606. 4-1603. 307. General Disposal Requirements Place of Detention or Shelter Care 38-1203. Section 16-508 Excise Tax on Farm Machinery, Farm Attachment Units, and Irrigation Equipment 4-1412. 19-305. Member Migratory Bird Permit 38-1202. Tribe Plates Chapter 6 - Contempt of Court Right to Counsel - Indigence - Waiver 16-501.31. 27-101. 15-506. Indemnification Search of Vehicles, Game Bags, Receptacles and other Containers Objective Definitions Purpose Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances 25-103. 304. Treatment And Storage North Dakota Portion of the Reservation Seizures And Forfeiture Related To Drugs O n Friday, when a federal judge denied the request of the Standing Rock Sioux to halt construction on a major oil pipeline being . The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is building a wind farm called Anpetu Wi. Commercial Salvage Yard Waste Citations For Minor Violations Effective Date Definitions 26-405. Tribal Court Prosecutor and Public Defender 5-612. 19-102. Powers of the Tax Commission Content of Report Authority Chapter 3. Incorporation Of Other Titles 16-605.20 Report by Terminal Operator Required 1-408. May 25, 2021. 27-302. 2016 TLOA Report Final. Local District and Other Tribal Board Elections 302. 4-811. 610. Results 16-502.74 Credit for Sales or Use Tax Paid to Another Tribe or StateReciprocal Grant of Credit Required 38-603. 26-1711. Acceptance Refusal, and Effectiveness of Financing Statements; Administration Filing of Complaint Title Appeal Hearings Before Tax Commission 9-1913. 34-901. 26-215. 816. 5-721. .6 Abuse of Authority 6-606. Lease Distinguished From Security lnterest Exemption for Sale of Certain Live Nondomestic Animals Chapter 14. 16-505.2 Fuel Excise Tax Rates 16-602.11 Deduction to Reimburse Retailer for Administrative Expenses Taking a Status Offender into Custody 4-1637. 21-205. TERO Wage Rates Release of Child from Custody 38-801. Standing Rock Housing Authority 1333 92nd Street, P.O. 34-1508. Written Report - With No Arrest Chapter 13. 9-501. 16-604.1 Definitions 16-501.110 Exemption CertificationResponsibilities of Seller Taking CertificateResponsibilities of PurchaserViolation as MisdemeanorRetention of CertificateRules and Forms EPT Protective Payee Program 16-602.8 Evidence of Use 16-606.20 Determination if No Report is Filed 4-602. 16-502.47 Exemption of Motor Fuel Used for Agricultural Purposes 9-1003. 39-100. 38-208. 4-302. Tier 2 Offenses 4-1409. 16-501.120 Fee or Commission not Subject to Tax Chapter 5. Formal Hearing Where Registration Is Required 16-412. Survey Completion 16-601.7 Exemptions (Effective After June 30, 2002) 6-1005. Immunity From Liability Intent, Purpose and Construction of this Chapter 36-304. Initial Appointment of Judges and Justices 4-1636. General Operation Requirements Enforcement Zoning Unlawful Killing, Possession or Waste of Wildlife Applying for Funding 18-302. Excavate 16-604.23 Peace Officers May be Called 15-502. Severability Temporary Alimony And Custody Awards Collection Services Chapter 2. Permit Hearing Exterior Sewage Lines Project Title. 11-202. Contracting and Subcontracting Preference Compliance Plan Judgements/Opinions Assignment Of Child Support Rights And Application For Services Disclosure of Sites on Allotted Land 605. The standing rock indian affairs will integrateits culturalvaluesinto the tribes are underfunded to standing rock tribal court? Prohibited Bait 2-107. Establishment of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Water Resources Control Board; Duties and Functions Subchapter I. Chapter 2. ], Get Indian Law news delivered to your inbox, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North & South Dakota. Evidence Relating To Paternity Filing for Office Public Comment Special Election Drivers Licenses, Identification Cards, Passport And Immigration Documents .2 Political Activities Prohibited During Working Hours Rule 15. Chapter 17. 11-225. 9-401. Exemption of Gross Receipts 4-505. 1413. Free Transcript On Appeal Report to the Commission 16-503.7 Incidence of Tax Notification Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Title VIII (8) - Liquor Rights After Default; Judicial Enforcement; Consignor or Buyer of Accounts, Chattel Paper, Payment Intangibles, or Promissory Notes 16-605.6 Claim for RefundLimitation on Filing Accomplice 16-606.23 Bulk Delivery Sales 26-704. 21-204. 812. 16-506.4 Application of Seasonal Tax on Campgrounds 19-503. 3-506. 15-103. 18-101. Right to Redeem Collateral Boating-Swimming Areas 26-104. Interim Authorization to Use Water Thank you to Chairwoman . Salary of Council Members 9-801. 110. Ownership of Geothermal Resources General Permit Review Disposition of Collateral after Default Duration of License and Renewal Funding Limitations 817. 18-203 Prohibited Activities Taxes on the South Dakota Portion of the Reservation Source: iStock. 4-1406. Water Resources Control Board 19-106. 16-601.4 Sales Tax on Sales Through Vending Machines 34-809. 16-606.19 Penalty and InterestViolations Application 16-602.18 Contractors Performance Bonds for Payment of Use Tax 16-501.9. Ink and Newsprint Exempt When Used to Produce Shoppers' Guides - Shoppers' Guides Defined 16-209. 3-204. 3-402. Establishment Of Payment Of Fees Chapter 6. Archaeological Survey Permit Application Sex Offender Registration And Notification Requirements Fishing Prohibited Jurisdiction 5-503. Non-Member Resident and Non-Resident Fish and Wildlife License 16-602.12 Unlawful Advertising Duties of Conservation Officers and Other Law Enforcement Officers General Provisions Chapter 11. 17-302. 32-1801. Rule 5. Boards and Commissions with Members Elected from the Districts Chapter 4 - Applicable Laws 5-603. Administrative Procedures of the Water Resources Control Board Certain Purchases Considered for Resale Purposes Establishment of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's Game, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Department Requirements Ignorance Or Mistake The Endowment Replenishment Fund Trustees Miscellaneous Provisions 38-1402. 17-206. Permit Modification, Suspension And Rumination Plant and/or Invertebrate Fossil Permit 312. 34-1206. Application of Tribal Employees Code of Ethics Definitions Continuance 21-201. 301. Criteria and Procedures for Certifying Firms as Indian Preference Eligible 1-103. The chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota has been voted out of office, just about one year after the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. Internet Identifiers 38-702. 31-307. 26-821. 9-606. Repository Utility Company Regulations Apply 9-1303. 5-601. Responsibility of Owners, Operators and Occupants Removal of Medical Inabiloty to Carry out the Duties of Office 4-1613. Criminal Penalties 26-305. 11-103. Chapter 7. 17-606. 19-103. 26-209. Sufficiency of Description 5-502. 16-606.6 Refund of tax on tax-exempt sales Less than two weeks later, Dakota Access' parent company, Energy Transfer Partners, countersued the chairma n of the Standing Rock tribe and several . Selling Tobacco Products To A Child 703. Pardon Wrecked, Junked Or Unserviceable Vehicles Perfection without Filing or Transfer of Possession 311. Order for Termination of Parental Rights Definitions Severability Chapter 4. Maintenance Dog Training Access Permits 26-1010. Unknown Debtor or Secondary Obligor 17-413. 26-1501. Phone: 701-854-8500. 9-903. Tax on Admissions to Amusements and Athletic Contests or Events .5 Dual Appointment to Election Office Meetings District Membership Chapter 3. Enforcement of Commission's Order Jurisdiction over Persons or Entities who Enter Consensual Relations with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Tribal Members and Spouses . 32-1205. .10 Licensure to Operate Vehicles/Equipment 16-501.6. Arrest Without Warrant 15-216. 16-506.1 Definitions General Provisions Annulment 19-504. 17-607. 4-1303. 1-512. 33-802. Waiver 606. Savings Clause 26-1201. Final Adjudicatory Hearing Crime of Domestic Abuse 4-1633. 7-409. Endowment Replenishment Fund 6-304. 26-1402. 16-506.6 Application of Seasonal Tax on Spectator Events Chapter 2. 4-804. Illegal Gambling 31-101. Purpose 17-417. Chapter 2 - Findings and Purpose .7 Preferential Treatment 306. Chapter 10. 21-903. General Design And Location Tribal Council Action Disabled Adult Incompetent to Consent Services Determination Of Father And Child Relationship Decision Recovery of Advances Requirements For In Person Appearance 32-906. Enforcement of Tribal Conservation Officers Priority Exemption of Certain Sales Commissions Establishment 618. 16-501.79. 17-107. 4-104. 26-817. 8-104. 26-1008. 6-1001. The governing of all taking of game and fish species by Indians within the exterior boundaries of the . Publications associated with the Standing Rock Reservation can be found . 35-102. 16-604.22 Tax Commission to Administer Section 20-203. Agricultural Wastes Actions On Complaints 34-408. 16-501.47. Power to Require Testimony and Production of Records 7-406. Nominating Petitions & Notices of Candidacy Notice of Rights to Victims Chapter 15. Purpose 16-502.39 Exemption of Prescribed Medical Devices Used by Humans 909. Chapter 17.
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