Partners and employees have direct involvement with charities across Australia by volunteering and fundraising through Community Connect. Consultant Contact Details Carissa Bartels, (02) 9353 4635 Accessibility and Inclusion Summer 2:15 January 2024 9 February 2024 Listen to Luke's storyto hear more about our LGBTI Alliance. Once you submit this part of the application, you will receive an email, with instructions on how to complete the remaining two items: 2. Offers must be accepted/declined: Thursday, 12 October 2023. We have formal and informal international placement programs with various leading law firms around the world that see Clayton Utz lawyers living and working in London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. 3. And an unshakable sense of what's possible. The Bill is a significant development for casual employment in Australia, and introduces: The amendments introduced take effect from 27 March 2021. Legal Services | Awards | Australia - About - Clayton Utz Finance Administrator - Sydney - Clayton UTZ - beBee whether the person will be entitled to a casual loading or a specific rate of pay for casual employees under the terms of the offer or a fair work instrument. 2. Looking after yourself in recruitment season, Getting the most out of networking events, I've never felt pressure to fit into a mould, You get over the bumps in the road by staying true, I've kept pushing myself by having several roles, From professional sport to CU, I pursue excellence, Clayton Utz has allowed me to work flexibly, We have our own role to play, but also support others, I can bring my whole self to work at Clayton Utz, This is my place for the perfect balancing act, Instinct and imagination are key to success, Creating positive change in the community feels great, My passion for the environment means I can make a real difference. } Please do not forward candidate profiles or resumes to Clayton Utz partners, hiring managers or other employees - this will not constitute as an introduction to the firm and Clayton Utz will not be liable . Are there any international secondment opportunities at Clayton Utz? To assist us in gathering relevant information during our Clerkship and Graduate application process we have partnered with a company called Rare Recruitment. There are practical steps employers should be taking now to: Our recommended steps for clients include: Introduce new clauses to casual contracts that reflect the recent amendments, including: Consider additional contractual clauses that enable the company to recover any casual loading paid to a casual as a debt if their employment is found to be permanent (as a safety net while this legislation is new and being tested); Ensure that casual contracts do not have a clause stating that casual loading entitlements are paid in lieu of the "NES entitlements"; Implement processes to ensure compliance with the new casual conversion obligations (and revisit how these processes interact with award and agreement covered employees); and. No interaction with another person. Tell me about yourself? We have a visible and robust D&I governance structure at Clayton Utz - including a Diversity Council (chaired by our Chief Executive Partner), a dedicated D&I Director and a comprehensive D&I strategy and action plans through which equality is promoted. Clayton Utz has teamed up with US firm Greenberg Traurig LLP to bring together our respective countries' tax regulators the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to share their insights into their current priorities, and approach to cross-border tax disputes. Workplace Relations, Employment & Safety Shannon Ziegelaar sur LinkedIn : Applications are now open for the BCG It's about encouraging an environment that maximises opportunities for our people to achieve business success and career satisfaction regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status. Significantly, the Bill intends to eliminate the "double dipping" concerns arising from Rossato where an employee is incorrectly classified as a casual. The timing works out well, as it is now time for a team meeting to discuss our upcoming retreat. The process took 1 day. Am I able to defer a graduate offer for 12 months to travel, be a Judge's associate, or complete a Masters program? Graduates need to independently attain the correct work visa. Pymetrics is an organization that helps companies and individuals determine which attributes make them successful. display: none; Clayton Utz does not accept agency submissions unless the agency is specifically contacted by a member of the Clayton Utz Recruitment Team. We've built a culture that's unlike any other law firm, but don't just take our word for it. payment in lieu of notice of termination; and, has been employed by the employer for 12 months;and. Very hands on, competency questions are a must to practice beforehand. Once you've finished the Graduate Program, Clayton Utz supports the development of its people through tuition assistance and/or study leave to help them obtain relevant postgraduate qualifications. A law firm who challenges the status quo. Alison Daly-Thomson - National Talent Acquisition Manager - LinkedIn As a national firm we do national projects, so there is the potential of working in other offices. whether the employer can elect to offer work and whether the person can elect to accept or reject work; whether the person will work as required according to the needs of the employer; whether the employment is described as casual employment; and. Top tips to secure a Clayton Utz law graduate job - GradAustralia We recommend allowing enough time to complete the games in one sitting, however, you do have the ability to start/stop the games. Your graduate year is a great time to experiment, so experiencing different practice groups is a key component of our graduate program. Applications close: Sunday, 13 August 2023 When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. An invitation to complete a short Rare Recruitment survey Pro bono is a fundamental part of Clayton Utz, and every one of our lawyers, at every level of seniority, is expected to perform pro bono work. I think it went for about an hour. Clayton Utz is an inclusive employer that supports flexible work arrangements, please feel free to discuss your flexibility needs with the recruiter for this role. You can find further information on pymetrics online. Real Estate We remain focused on our clients' needs; collaborate with the legal assistance sector and pro bono colleagues; and make pro bono work a part of each of our lawyers' everyday practice. We look for people who can contribute new ideas and who take a creative approach to solving problems. No matter how good your law degree, there's always a gap between theory and practice. Graduates need to independently attain the correct work visa. What's Clayton Utz doing about gender equality in the workplace? Clayton Utz is an inclusive employer that supports flexible work arrangements, please feel free to discuss your flexibility needs with the recruiter for this role. Clayton Utz does not accept agency submissions unless the agency is specifically contacted by a member of the Clayton Utz Recruitment Team. In addition to the basic information, you will need to upload your most recent academic results. Summer: The most important ingredient to our success is our people. What interests you? If there are opportunities available, they will be listed by clicking the online application link under Application Process. Please remember to raise this during the application process. Additionally, if an employee refuses an offer to convert, they will lose the right to request casual conversion for six months. Persons listed may not be admitted in all States and Territories. It consists of PLT+, local training and a national orientation week. Plenty! the employees position will cease to exist in the period of 12 months after the time of deciding not to make the offer; the hours of work which the employee is required to perform will be significantly reduced in that period; there will be a significant change in either or both of the following in that period: the days on which the employees hours of work are required to be performed; the times at which the employees hours of work are required to be performed; making the offer would not comply with a recruitment or selection process required by or under a law of the Commonwealth or a State or a Territory. Tips and tricks - Graduate Careers - Clayton Utz } If an employer fails to give this notice, the employee preserves a residual right to request conversion in the future. The Bill also includes casual conversion provisions which introduce an obligation that employers must make an offer to convert a casual employee to either full-time or part-time employment (depending on their regular work patterns) if the employee: However, employers are not required to make an offer if there are "reasonable business grounds" to not do so, where such grounds are based on facts that are known, or reasonably foreseeable, at the time of deciding not to make the offer. What sort of person are you looking for? They underpin everything we do. .st3 { Clayton Utz hiring CU Connect Opportunities - Expression of Interest in We were the first large Australian law firm to establish an in-house pro bono practice; the first to appoint a full-time pro bono partner; and the first to sign the National Pro Bono Target. This will be at the discretion of the office to which you apply and dependent on the graduate numbers for the current and following year. Law & Legal Graduate Jobs & Programs in Perth, Australia International students may apply if they are able to work full time during the program and if they are able to apply for the correct visa entitlements to work unrestricted in Australia once they have graduated. Tell us about (X) on your resume. The process took 4 weeks. I rotated through the Corporate, M&A and Capital Markets and Restructuring and Insolvency teams, which allowed me to experience both front-end (transactional) and back-end (litigious) work - very helpful when it came to choosing my preferences for graduate rotations . You are encouraged to upload a rsum to transfer general information into the application (so you only have to check it has transferred accurately and fill in any blanks), followed by attaching a copy of their academic transcript and answering a few questions (in lieu of a cover letter).
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