Then in 2015, she came out as transgender. Also known as Mama Dragun, Nikita attended high school in Virginia and later moved to Los Angeles to study at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, where she obtained her business degree. Now she has become an Instagram star. I felt as though I had to put my big girl panties on, and instead of collaborating with a brand to create a product and then make a small percentage off of my name, I wanted to create my own brand, Nikita told Glossy. I wanted to put on a dress and look cute. The Rise and Fall of Carmelo Anthony in the NBA, Why is Luka Doncic Highly Rated in The NBA, Why is Victor Wembanyama Highly Rated in The NBA Draft, False Bans Reported By Apex Legends Players, Updates For Warzone 2 Interface And Modifications. I knew I was different and there were certain things that I couldnt show or Id be bullied or teased.. Nikita Dragun before and after photos and videos The transgender YouTuber has been open about her transition journey posting some of Nikita Dragun before and after surgery images. Growing up as a young boy, Nikita was never interested in the things other boys loved. She educated herself by watching documentaries and reading informative pieces about being transgender. If you're interested in taking a look at her journey, each step of the way, you've clicked on the right video!#nikitadragun #transformation #beforeandafter=========================================We strive for accuracy and fairness. . According to the sources she has a large house in Los Angeles and owns a Ford car worth $40,000. It was revealed that Dragun has paid Michael Yerger to act as her boyfriend. Nikita, 24, opened up about her journey on Instagram recently and revealed she is proud of how far she has come. I wanted to create things. Dragun has appeared in many shows such as Escape from Night, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and more. My fucking life is pain. Aside from being a popular beauty influencer, a makeup artist, a model, and a businesswoman, Nikita is also regarded as a role model in the LGBTQ community. Im trans. Her father is Vietnamese while her mother is Mexican. She is of Vietnamese and Mexican descent and came out as trans when she was a teenager. and Im damn proud of it. The internet sensation has accumulated a vast army of fans with over 2.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 5.4 million followers on her Instagram account. and changed her name to Nicole. ", She went on to add, "We deserve to be treated EQUAL. This video is for educational purposes only. "I felt so embarrassed that I was fixing and doing so many things that it just didn't matter anymore and I was actually doing more harm than good.". She made her TikTok account in mid-2020 and on this platform she is famous. She stated that she ended the relationship because Michael cheated on her. So who is Nikita Dragun? Dragun later tweeted that she was tired of defending herself on every post. But one day a teacher came over and asked why I was dressing up like this and then she called my parents,Nikita toldForbes. Nikita shared that the hardest part of her transition was the hormone therapy and that change in her body resulted in her being really critical of her appearance, ultimately leading her to undergo more and more cosmetic procedures. She has also frequently gushed about how proud she is of her change. The beauty influencer of today exudes confidence and motivates people. How To Plan A Birthday Party For Adults Checklist? You can actually watch Nikitas coming out moment inthis 2015 YouTube video. Nikita Dragun, an influencer and content creator, was arrested and held in a men's unit of a Miami jail this week, court records show. Further, she also shared that she and other Trans deserved to be treated equally. I have gotten eight hour surgeries. Family, Partner, Biography. Dragun told Elle that she wishes she didnt suppress her femininity during her childhood because she had all the qualities she needed to succeed as a trans woman. hi draguns! yeah i was born a dude.Watch the latest video from Nikita Dragun (@nikitadragun). Nikita suppressed her feminine identity in her younger days due to pressure from teachers and bullying At around age 5, Nikita knew that she was transgender. Recently, when Nikita Dragun before and after pictures surfaced, social media was thrown into a frenzy. Nikita has shared that her body has changed after four years. Everything was painful for her but she did it because she wanted to look beautiful. Nikita Nguyen (born January 31, 1996) [1] [3] known professionally as Nikita Dragun, is a YouTuber, make-up artist and model. In high school, Nikita came out and became the most feminine gay guy in their school. Nikita is also a role model for living your truth and doing what is best for you, no matter how difficult it may seem. He acknowledged that his association with Nikita helped his career but asserted that he didnt ask for any of it. This was her second nose job as she is always insecure about her nose. In many of her Youtube videos, she has shared about her transition. Nikitas before and after photos are proof of how far she has come in life. I just wanted to quit feeling like I was living a lie and being forced into a lifestyle and a scene that I didnt know if I ever understood or even wanted.. [28], Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department, "Nikita Dragun is facing backlash for throwing a birthday party where maskless influencers kissed each other", "Nikita Dragun's YouTube Stats (Summary Profile) Social Blade Stats", "YouTube Star Nikita Dragun on Authenticity, Inclusivity, and Why the Trolls Don't Scare Her", "Who Is Nikita Dragun? Some of the surgeries she underwent are in her brow bone, nose job, breast implants, jaw, and more. In February 2021, Nikita was again accused of blackfishing after posting a photo promoting a face powder from Dragun Cosmetics. By submitting this form, you agree to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized marketing text messages (e.g. Her career took off further when the Fashion Institute of . DO YOU LOVE SHOES? Dragun faced backlash because she appeared noticeably darker than usual in one of the photos. The stories that we cover specialize in a wide niche which includes News, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment, Technology, and Women. These posts drew criticism from the public, including other influencers like Elijah Daniel and Tyler Oakley. Nikita has now accumulated 3.6 million subscribers and nearly 220 million video views. I always wanted to be a business brand owner. And so I am just happy for you being who you are.. Dragun continues to appreciate her parents for their overwhelming support. Yes I got another nose job. She feels visible. Im just trying to have comedy. Nikita has been openly transgender since 2015 and has repeatedly stated that she uses the pronouns she/her. Family, Partner, Biography, Who is Anya Chalotra? Nikita Dragun, an American social media star who became popular for posting beauty tutorials underwent lots of surgeries. Today, Nikita is living her best life and wants everyone to know they need to stop asking trans women that question. ..," Nikita opened up even more about her transition and hormone therapy. The call didnt surprise Nikitas parents as theyd noticed that Dragun tended to line up with girls during physical education class and that she loved playing with dolls and insisted on wearing shorts with side-cuts. For this reason, no one knew about Nikita Dragun's gender, and to many, Dragun was just another makeup artist content creator. Further, Dragun is going to star in the docuseries on Snapchat titled Nikita Unfiltered. [26][27] Officials from the Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department disputed Nguyen's account, saying during Nguyen's booking process she was first held in an open seating area, then in a one-person holding cell. Nikita Dragun Before & After Photos Explored. Trans rights r human rights! Net Worth, Partner, Biography. An Explanation, Chrissy Teigen Unabashedly Reveals That Some Parts of Her Face Are "Fake", Jeffree Star Is Rich AF and His YouTube Earnings Are Just a Drop in the Bucket. Its definitely growing, Dragun said of inclusivity in the beauty industry in her interview with Glossy. Nikita Dragun attending a movie premiere on July 19, 2016, two years after starting her YouTube career (Credit: Adriana M. Barraza / Avalon / Instar / WENN), She told Forbes: I started to get little brand deals around that time. Nikita Dragun flaunts her legs in a yellow dress with matching high heels on June 2, 2021, in Los Angeles, California (Credit: BauerGriffin / INSTARimages / Cover Images). hi draguns! The Beauty Influencer's, Who Are Nikita Dragun's Parents - Does She Have Siblings?, Did Marilyn Monroe Have Plastic Surgery?, Is Nikita Dragun In A Relationship and Who Has She Dated?. She came out as a trans woman when she reached college and has spoken openly about her transitionin several of her YouTube videos. She shared that she is addicted to plastic surgery. Benefits of Choosing Custom Closets for Your Home, The Importance of Miami Deep Cleaning and When To Do It. Dragun then shared a second YouTube video regarding her breast augmentation experience. (Fresh herbs and Savory Seasonings), Who is Sarah Levy? yes. Imagine getting asked every single day if u cut it off, what do u have, or did u get the surgery,' she wrote on Instagram. Trans women are women. The message of this campaign is intended to welcome all gender identities, sexualities, and races to enjoy the makeup line,she said. The difficult part of her change was the hormone therapy. So in other words, no one really know . Nikita regularly expresses pride at her transformation and the person she has become. [17] Residents of the Hype House later tested negative for COVID-19. The 53 YouTube star wore her long, pink hair down with a side parting. In a Youtube video titled Have I Gotten THE Surgery, Nikita has talked about her transition and hormone therapy. Here at Gudstory, we focus on delivering our readers with the latest information about everything. Dragun didnt comment on the latest backlash. Im truly blessed. ET Nikita Dragun (aka Mama Dragun) rose to fame with YouTube makeup tutorials that touch on her experiences with transitioning and starting out as a beauty guru in Los Angeles. my nose has always been my biggest insecurity. She mentioned taking estrogen shots and testosterone blockers as well as undergoing hormone replacement therapy, which, she said, was the hardest part of her transition because of the psychological and physical changes. Win free shoes, organize your shoe closet, see the latest styles + more, About Her videos have inspired many people who were hesitant to come out. All I have to say it takes BALLS being a woman nowadays. XO DRAGUN Subscribe: Shop Dragun Beauty: my newest videos: Nikita Dragun:Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Snapchat: TikTok: more Nikita Dragun:TRANSformation:\u0026playnext=1 About Nikita Dragun:Welcome to the official Nikita Dragun YouTube channel! 0 coins. Be the first to get hottest news from our Editor-in-Chief, Check your email and confirm your subscription. 15K subscribers in the Nikita_Dragun community. She explained that she had conducted extensive research on the shift and had been highly strategic throughout. All I have to say it takes BALLS being a woman nowadays. It has become a breeding ground for talents and influencers in various categories, such as fitness, gaming, and beauty. [7], In response to comments by L Brands chief marketing officer Ed Razek that trans women should not be included in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show because "the show is a fantasy", Nguyen tweeted a video of herself modeling lingerie. Also, she has starred in many music videos. She was born on 31 January 1996. When I was finished, I started thinking about the next item right away, like my breast, and then another thing. At college, Nikita got a fake I.D. She has two sisters, Taliah and Allegrah, and a brother, Vincarlo. She clarified that the procedure was always the same, with hormone therapy serving as the first step. I'd never heard of Nikita Dragun before this week, but the fact that Florida would put someone whose legal documents say female in a men's jail is unsurprising, scary, and infuriating. Back then, she would sneak into her mothers bedroom to put on her makeup and always loved to play dress up in ladys clothing. Dragun rose to prominence through her self-titled YouTube channel . She has dealt with most of them, but the blackfishing controversy refuses to go away. These changes led her to become overly critical of her looks and feel the need to undergo more procedures. How To Select An Ideal Pool Design Suitable for Your Home? She belongs to the mixed ethnicity as her father is a Vietnamese while her mother is a Mexican. Nasra: real name, biography, boyfriend, facts. Im beautiful, she wrote alongside a before and after picture of her transformation. More posts you may like. Nikita Dragun is an American social media star who rose to fame for posting beauty tutorials on Instagram. YouTuberNikita Dragunis many things beauty influencer, businesswoman, and Mother of Draguns. YouTuber Nikita Dragun's Net, Did SZA Undergo A Plastic Surgery? Then she revealed herself as a trans woman in her teenage years. She is not just a well-known beauty influencer but also a smart businesswoman with a successful makeup line. So she began to take her social media career seriously. What Has Happened to Liverpool This Season? Dragun created her TikTok account in mid-2020, and so far, it has proved to be her most successful social media page in terms of followers. cart reminders) from Dragun Beauty at the cell number used when signing up. Nikita Dragun before and after transformation is completely amazing, and her story is inspirational for other boys or girls that are having internal struggles about their real identities. I felt so embarrassed that I had gotten to this point where I was fixing and doing so many things that all of a sudden it just didnt matter anymore and I was actually doing more harm than good, she added. His response shocked many people. As she transitioned from male to female, she took her fans along for the ride,. Heres the scoop on Zaks love life, she has accrued over 3.6 million followers, She attached the following video description, Nikita wrote alongside an Instagram photo, Nikitas dad said in a video posted on Nikitas channel in March 2017, In a video posted to close friends on Instagram, Dragun paid Michael to act as her boyfriend in an October 2018 video, Nikita announced that the pair were dating, Dragun posted a video detailing the heartbreak, Nikita posted Instagram photos promoting Jeffree Star Cosmetics, YouTuber Nyma Tang responded to Draguns tweet, Isabella Russos ethnicity Her Asian roots explained, What is Ines Tazis ethnicity? The transgender YouTuber has been open about her transition journey posting some of Nikita Dragun before and after surgery images. The power was freeing and exciting!. Dragun, who is a transgender woman, creates content on. This shit is not funny,YouTuber Nyma Tang responded to Draguns tweet. How to Make The Most of Your Work from Home Opportunity with The Power of Social Media, Best iPhone Puffer Case Highly Recommended By Us, Leveraging Expert Advice To Conquer The Cyber Awareness Challenge 2023. [11], In September 2019, it was announced Nikita would be starring in her own docuseries on Snapchat, "Nikita Unfiltered". Msg & data rates may apply. Family, Partner, Biography, Dana Linn Bailey Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Exercise, Body Measurements, Who is Adam Scott? Sir u havent been relevant since magcon. "I am addicted to plastic surgery," she told her subscribers in the 25-minute video. The teachers at her school noticed that she loved wearing dresses and informed Nikita's parents about it. In the tweet, Nguyen argues that trans women were indeed able to convey fantasy. It was during this time that Draguns YouTube channel started gaining momentum as she won over the hearts of many, while others simply followed her out of curiosity. YouTube has evolved from an online video-sharing site to a platform for building a career. Thanks to collaborations with established stars and original videos, Dragun has close to 14 million followers on TikTok. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. I wasnt being transphobic,he said. Nikita was born male, and over the past few years, she has transitioned into the Nikita her millions of followers know and love. [5][6], Nguyen joined YouTube in February 2013. In another YouTube video titled "Have I Gotten THE Surgery . The Benefits of Upgrading to Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors, Simple Steps to Whistle with Your Fingers, 8 Sensational Anniversary Gifts That Will Surprise Your Loved One, Riau Kratom All You Need To Know About It, Stay Cozy in Style with Our Gallery Dept Hoodie Collection, The Best Ways to Wear and Style The Yeezy Gap Hoodie, Stussy Hoodie: The Perfect Addition to Your Casual Wardrobe. We aim to provide our readers with an informative detail about the viral stories that have been occurring around us. Too often theres a double standard when another person takes inspiration from black culture, suddenly its a new trend or its renamed to be something else,she added. Nikita Dragun started on YouTube in 2014 by giving her followers advice on how to look good. Ive seen incredible campaigns involving trans models or trans people., Where is Mutt Lange now? The purpose of the blogs and articles is to keep you updated using vivid formats and interesting styles so that significant information stays in your mind. I aint even mad when I see my ex with another girl,Nikita tweeted in response to a photo posted by Yergers girlfriend Daisy Keech. It starred an Asian lady named Nikita, who Dragun loved because she was so badass and kind of looked like how I envisioned myself to look. She got the name Dragun from her childhood bullies. She said: This time it was me, next time it could be somebody else. Nikita built her name in the beauty industry by collaborating with established brands. That was also when I decided to start taking Instagram and YouTube seriously.. "It used to bother me so much but honestly after so many years idgaf anymore. [25] She claimed she was placed into a men's prison despite her gender identity. Makeup maven Nikita Dragun, who has documented her makeup techniques and gender transition on her channel, tweeted that de Jager's "coming out" moved her to tears. The beauty guru is known for being candid about her life as a transgender woman and her experiences with cosmetic surgery. She said: I wish I could tell myself that all those qualities about myself that I knew instantly, even as a kid, and that I knew I had to hide and I hid them for most of my life that those qualities would push me forward in life.. Im so proud. Dragun Beautys success is both a personal triumph and a victory for the trans community in terms of inclusivity. She has over 3.6 million followers. The series is about her life, career, and her search for love. So, is Nikita Dragun trans? When Nikita asked him to pose as her boyfriend, he agreed because he thought it beneficial for his career. The transition in her appearance made her criticize her own body. Nikita, 24, opened up about her journey on Instagram recently and revealed she is proud of how far she has come. READ ALSO: Photos of Zari Hassan, singer Jose Chameleone looking all loved up excite fans. [8], In March 2019, she announced a make-up line, Dragun Beauty. She is also appearing in many shows. How to lose weight like actress Natalie Cassidy? A pair of black croc-leather knee-high boots with pointy toes and about 4-inch heels finished off her racy night-out look. However, the call achieved its desired effect as Nikita started suppressing her femininity. But one day, her teacher phoned her parents and questioned her about why she was dressing that way. TRANSGENDER Q&A (Surgery, Dating, & More) | Dragun Nikita Dragun 925K views7 years ago My Facial Plastic Surgery Story! "It used to bother me so much but honestly after so many years idgaf anymore. I wanted to transition, and I had all these questions, and I couldnt find answers anywhere online.. Nikita shared that the hardest part of her transition was the hormone therapy and that change in her body resulted in her being really critical of her appearance, ultimately leading her to undergo more and more cosmetic procedures. Nikita captioned the post: My fathers acceptance of me from his son to now his daughter is truly one of my proudest moments. Nikita admitted she had a plastic surgery addiction in 2018. Family, Partner, Biography, Who is Jessica Sula? Do You Know How Did Mr. Krabs Die? An influencer known for her jaw-dropping Instagram looks and cosmetics line drew outrage over the weekend after she asked her followers "what race" she should be that day. Her extensive procedures include brow bone and jaw shaving, a nose job, and brea*t implants. Nikita Dragun, better known to many as Mama Dragun or Nyc Dragun, is a transgender YouTuber who became famous for her make-up tutorial videos. Nikita Dragun, a beauty YouTuber with more than 8 million Instagram followers, has repeatedly been criticized for darkening her skin tone with filters, lighting, makeup, and . "I feel this immense pressure to need to pass, to need to be a woman, to need to feel this level of confidence, so I was really in this dark place where I had to look in the mirror and stop myself from wanting to change everything because it got to the point where I didn't even know why I was doing the surgeries anymore," Nikita explained. Nikita Dragun's Brother Has Yet to Make an Appearance on Her YouTube Channel By Leila Kozma Feb. 17 2021, Updated 2:59 p.m. Advertisement Coins. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. Nikita and Michaels association started as an arrangement in which Dragun paid Michael to act as her boyfriend in an October 2018 video. One of the top beauty YouTubers on the platform is Belgian-born American Nikita Dragun. Consent is not a condition of any purchase. Nikita Dragun has undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures. Dragun discussed her transition and hormone therapy in a 2018 YouTube video titled Have I Gotten THE Surgery.. And Ive been going through this change for three years. Having a gender identity crisis is considered one of lifes biggest tragedy, reason being that one is uncomfortable with their biological makeup feeling trapped at all times. Exclusive: Amber Ray age, child, cars, house, is she married? All products are vegan and cruelty-free, this is cited as a reason why Nikita decided to launch her brand independently. They were like Bro, what? and I was like Yeah, that was a dude, and they could not believe it.. Biography and Love Life. Now there are many pictures of her in her Instagram account that has her before and after pics. Some things you can find me doing on this channel are personal stories about my transition, collabs with some of my best friends, makeup tutorials, story time videos, vlogs, lgbt related content, and SO much more! Thankfully, however, Nikita completed the transformation safely. You are already subscribed to our newsletter! Today, Nikita is living her best life and wants everyone to know they need to stop asking trans womenthatquestion. She felt immense pressure to become a woman and look like one. She would wear tight jeans, small purses, and fake lashes, and her friends accepted her for who she was. Newsweek", "Dozens of top influencers gathered for a massive Hype House birthday party despite record COVID-19 numbers in California", "California to obtain more masks, gear as it becomes state with most COVID-19 cases", "Party-goers were subjected to strong online backlash, but that hasn't stopped them from continuing to go out", "If You Have Questions About California's Face Mask Rules, This List Has Them Covered", "Tyler Oakley Called Out James Charles, Charli D'Amelio And More For Attending An "Insane Surprise Party" During Lockdown", "Nikita Dragun Got The Hype House Tested For Coronavirus", "A complete timeline of every controversy Nikita Dragun has been in since her rise to YouTube fame in 2014", "Who is Nikita Dragun? jones funeral home chapel hill, nc obituaries, new homes in forney tx under $200k, frank pepe birthday reward,
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